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APAC Distributor Principal Conference 2019


Singapore: APAC Distributor Principal Conference 2019

싱가포르에서 지난 6월 25-26일 양일간 개최된 아시아 비지니스 파트너 총회에 엠이에스티 임원진이 초청되어  참가하게 되었습니다.

총회에는 8개의 디스트리뷰터 및 4개의 서비스파트너 그리고 롤스로이스 파워 시스템(RRPS)의 CEO 안드레아스 쉘을 비롯 40명 이상 되는 주요 임원이 참석하였습니다.

'미래를 위한 준비 Get Ready for the Future' 라는 테마로 진행된 회의는 MTU와의 파트너쉽을 강화하고 향 후 전략의 이해를 돕는 목적이며

참가자들과 향 후 서비스, 고객 비지니스 등의 심층적 토론이 있었습니다.

그 중 오랜 파트너쉽을 유지해 온 업체들에 대한 상을 수여하는 시간도 있었으며,

우리 회사 엠이에스티 MEST Co.Ltd. 는 올해의 디스트리뷰터 (Distributor of the Year)에 선정, 영예로운 상을 받았습니다.​


*자세한 기사는 아래 본문에서 확인할 수 있습니다.​


The “Distributor of the Year” award has been presented to MEST Co., Ltd.

Business partners in Asia Pacific were invited to the Distributor Principal Conference, held in Singapore on 25 – 26 June. The conference was attended by eight distributors, four service partners and over 40 executives from Rolls-Royce Power Systems and MTU, including Andreas Schell, CEO of Rolls-Royce Power Systems and members of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) Karsten Engel, Mattias Vogel, Beate Reimann and Eugenia Valente.

The conference, themed “Get Ready for the Future” serves to further intensify the partnership between MTU and its sales partners and aims to prepare partners for the future and get them to better understand our strategies.

During the two-day event, our partners were presented topics such as PS2030, customer business and service of the future, and the digital solutions roadmap. Participants were also able to conduct in-depth discussions about the future during focus group sessions.

Anniversary awards were presented to Tominaga & Co., Ltd. and Gendiesel Philippines Inc. for 70 and 45 years of partnership respectively, with another award given to Tominaga to commemorate its 120-year anniversary. An appreciation dinner was held towards the end of the DPC in recognition of our partners’ efforts. During the dinner, MEST Co., Ltd. was named Distributor of the Year, Gendiesel was presented the VCA Early Adopter award, and Penske Power Systems was commended for its work in Digital Analytics.

“APAC DPC 2019 was a success and the conference enabled distributor representatives like me to gain a better understanding of the long-term direction that MTU will be taking to stay ahead of the competition,” said Rolando M. Dado from Gendiesel Philippines Inc. 


The participants of the APAC Distributor Principle Conference 2019

Andreas Schell, CEO of Rolls-Royce Power Systems, presented the PS2030 strategy to the participants​



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